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Ground Floor
NICE TO MEET YOU. Our passion in life is making beautiful and timeless kids’ clothing that takes the stress out of dressing your little once. Our comfortable fits, understated prints and subtle colour palette make it easy for any parent to put together a perfect outfit for every moment of a kids’ life – from playing to learning to celebrating. Our collections are created with the intent to create a calm, harmonious and timeless style that will delight parents and allow kids to feel free and happy. We consistently choose for sustainable production and the highest quality of fabrics. We are proud to produce 98% of our clothing and accessories in Turkey, which is self-sufficient in cotton, heavily reducing our CO2 imprint in jersey production. We further optimize our supply chain by buying from local, Turkish suppliers as much as we can. We’d rather invest a little more in raw materials than import from faraway places, which would negatively impact our environmental footprint. By investing in the highest quality materials for our production, we make sure our clothes are made to last. They’ll survive the tumbles and adventures of more than one child, so they can be passed on again and again. Our subtle designs and minimalist colour palette furthermore guarantee a style that is unisex and seasonless, and that can be combined over different collections. Our aim is to enable parents to buy with care, find more joy in what you buy and be happy with it for longer.