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Ground Floor
Our knitwear is rooted in the old knitting traditions of the Faroe Islands. Any idea where that is? It's a place where sheep still roam free in the mountains. A small chain of islands in the North Atlantic, where knitting is still practiced by women of all ages – as it always has been. Vision We enter the fashion scene with traditional Faroese handknitted sweaters, and our goal is not just to turn people's heads – but also to change people's minds. See, we want to bring human decency back to the fashion industry – one stitch at the time. At the end of the day a sweater should feel warm, look beautiful, be personal, and last a lifetime. The only way to achieve this? A little wool and a lot of know-how. There are two sides to Guðrun & Guðrun (there are two Guðruns after all). One being the gorgeous design – and the other a clenched fist in an industry responsible for pollution and exploitation.