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Ground Floor
We produce home textiles and apparel in pure hemp or hemp mixed with organic cotton. We market our own brand within home textiles and we make co- labs and co-branding projects with fashion designers and brands on apparel. We draw on our solid supply-chain in an otherwise rather obscure supply market for hemp textile. Hemp textile is organic, sustainable, and antibacterial by nature. In addition, hemp needs 1/3 of land compared to cotton, requires no irrigation, and its CO2 absorption is 2-4 times that of mature forests. Hemp plants repel bugs and fungi in the field, leaving no need nor temptation to use chemicals to increase yields. How we work on circular economy. It is a fact, that useable, recycled materials of organic cotton and other natural textiles can be hard to come by. So, "fresh" materials are often needed. We argue that hemp is the ultimate "fresh" material in terms of environmental sustainability and personal longevity (3x that of cotton). Our producers only use a little water for "retting" (=soaking 3-6 weeks to free the fibres), labour and mechanical processes to make hemp textile. Any dye is organically certified. We reuse packaging materials when possible. We only use hemp twine and certified, recycled paper or recycled plastic for packaging to consumers. All our fabrics come from Romania/EU or India with relatively short transportation distance.