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Ground Floor

IDEM Copenhagen was founded in 2019 by Julie Zafiri. “Years ago, I became aware of how destructive and harmful the fashion industry is when it comes to our planet and the people who work in the industry, making all the clothes. It is overwhelming to realize how our consumption and everyday habits have so negative consequences when it comes to the environment and not least the people who are working under inhumane conditions, sometimes risking their lives while providing us with the latest fashion. I immediately knew I wanted to do something about it. So while I was finishing my master in psychology I started working on the foundation of IDEM Copenhagen. I've been sewing clothes since I was a little girl, and now I combine these skills with everything I know about development and sustainable organizations from my psychology degree when building IDEM Copenhagen. My dream is to show that it is possible to build a truly sustainable business while respecting and caring for our fellow human beings and planet.”