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Founded in 1969 in Copenhagen, InWear grew from a wish to give women a wardrobe of clothes that make them feel themselves. It’s about creating uncomplicated contemporary pieces that work for how women dress now, that make the daily business of what to wear a little simpler. Inspired by more than five decades of industry experience, we are dedicated to the brand’s ongoing evolution and wish to continually build on the pillars of product innovation, authenticity, sustainability and brand heritage. Our collections lead and do not follow, but pioneers in timeless, impeccably crafted pieces, reaching beyond fast fashion and exploring the nuances of personal style through versatile, contemporary, playful and easy-to-wear fabrications, made to last season after season. We forever come back to the idea that being comfortable is empowering – that confidence is a kind of armour and that nothing says chic quite like feeling good in what you’re wearing. We work mindfully – passionate and practical about design. InWear is proud to be a trustworthy brand that women come back to, synonymous with uncompromising quality and luxury fabrics, designed for living. We believe in long-lasting solutions and scrutinize each and every detail before our designs go into production. To achieve the distinctive and figure-flattering cuts that are a testament to our commitment to craft and excellence in design, each piece is worked on by designers in collaboration with seamstresses and pattern cutters who all bring the same level of devotion to their work, imbuing each and every piece with something of themselves. We combine the virtuous crafts of construction, tailoring and draping with modern, technological innovation to improve and perfect the garments. Combining forces, the team behind InWear, consists of women with a 30-year age range and completely different professional and personal styles, interests and lives. We are joined by a common sense of style, drive and love of what we do and together we work towards refining and redefining the new classic wardrobe. A space where age, size and geography does not define how you feel or how you dress. InWear – Eternally now