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Ground Floor

Laurent, the creator of the JOACY brand, grew up in a family very active in the textile industry, consisting of four generations of designers.

It is after having been an independent stylist alongside the greatest like Christian Audigier in the 1990s in the south of France, that in 2004 he left to live his American dream in New York in particular and in Pennsylvania, the heart of the American Denim Factory . He quickly became passionate about this material, he immersed himself in these warp and weft threads that are not the same color. He observes the technique of these dyes that are not made at the heart of the fiber, the very reason for the gradual washing. From that moment on, he knows that he wants to bring to France the very essence of this crossroads between the south of our hexagon, cradle of Denim (De Nïmes) and the technicality developed by the USA.

He understands that he wants to create a singular brand, where his technique would be at the service of a resolutely feminine style that combines everyday elegance, innovation and Franco/American fashion style. It is rooted in respect for the environment and sustainable culture, far from a devastating fashion, it wants to be at the forefront of respecting balances for the world of tomorrow.

He thus created the JOACY Brand, a strong acronym:
J for Joy, the designer sees his collection as resolutely positive
O for Oustanding, Exceptional, each creation is unique for the one who wears it
A for Audacious, to dare is to live, the very DNA of JOACY women
C for Curious, like its creator, who knows how to immerse himself in his environment to develop comfortably innovative cuts
Y for Yesable, because for a JOACY woman, everything is always possible, without ever any compromise.