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Ground Floor
Luxury, transformable, circular handbags. Designed and handcrafted in Norway from the highest quality materials sourced globally, using traditional, artisinal craft skills. At Kørt Håndlaget Lær, we believe the items you buy and wear should serve you with style and functionality, without any compromise. Our signature pieces, the Kymera and the Kassowari, are many bags in one, designed to transform as occasions arise, to suit the moments and flow of your workday or overseas travels, and to transition with you as you move through all stages of your life. The promise of intelligent design, beauty and simplicity is woven into each and every one of our products, along with the quality and trust of being individually handcrafted in Norway. When you purchase a Kørt bag, you are investing in a bag for life. Not only for everyday life, but a functional companion that will last you many years. Our bags are made from a single piece of patented, double faced Italian leather, meaning the leather is the highest quality and the bag is optimised for longevity. The buttons that enable the bags to transform are new, patented technology sourced from Germany. At Kørt Håndlaget Lær, we are also striving to use materials and processes that contribute to a sustainable future. Today, you can find the Kørt Håndlaget Lær workshop on a small farm in Norway. Our founder, Courtney’s great-great grandfather lived in Outback Australia, where he made leather saddles for the townsfolk from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Her grandfather and mother also produced their own leather goods to use on the family cattle property. Courtney’s interest in the craft became passion, and she has continued to develop her skill and mastery. She moved to Norway in 2017 and has lived there ever since. Kørt Håndlaget Lær was born from a deep love of leathercraft and the beauty of the natural world. Often, luxury fashion means low functionality at a great cost to the environment: it’s a fancy dress you wear just once, fake nails and private jets. But this is not the Kørt Håndlaget Lær definition. To us, luxury is about the details, slowing down to do things right, to design and redesign - until that thing that you create is the best version of itself, usable to its full potential and able to withstand the test of time. Driving everything we do at Kørt Håndlaget Lær is the principle that the things we make and use should havemore than one purpose and a positive impact on the world.