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Ground Floor

Kero's collections are inspired by the infinite textures and colors of traditional Peruvian crafts such as basketry, embroidery, or loom. We create versatile, unisex pieces with a contemporary design. We use top-quality alpaca yarn, produced in the heart of the Peruvian Andean highlands, and Peruvian cotton. Most of our yarns are hand-dyed in unique colors. Our threads can have up to 60 well balanced colors in a single spool. At Kero Design we work with artisan knitting machines (without electricity), electronic knitting machines, and crochet needles, paying special attention to details and hand finishes. From timeless, classic, high-quality basics to beautiful jacquards, our designers create special combinations of yarns and fibers. Many hours of work are necessary to guarantee that each product that leaves our workshops meets the quality standards required by the most demanding customers.