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Ground Floor
Klint is a Danish skincare brand founded in 2020 in Copenhagen by Hans Emil Kjær, inspired by his artist mother and their shared passion for art and skincare. We create clean and vegan skincare products based on high-quality ingredients that have been proven to benefit the skin. Our selection includes natural oils and extracts, as well as pure active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and AHAs. Our formulas are carefully developed by Danish skincare experts using high-quality ingredients made in our factory in Denmark. However, we're more than just a skincare brand. We aim to blend art and skincare in our unique way by pairing curated artworks with high-quality skincare. We collaborate with skilled up-and-coming female artists, and our mission is to build a platform that shapes and promotes the next generation of artists. This approach is what we call the art of skincare.