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As a brand, our inspiration comes from the great environmental challenges facing humanity. It’s really just that simple. It all comes down to being aware of the impact we have on our Earth. That the choice is ours. That it's time to take action. And that we can and need to make changes. KnowledgeCotton Apparel is not a traditional clothing company. Using business as a force for doing good has never been a question for us – it’s part of our DNA. Driving this business was always about believing that we can make a difference. And this belief has taken us far. As a company we are determined to challenge the conventions in the textile industry, to be on the lookout for new innovations and to stay true to our vision – there’s no other way going forward. Motivated by our 1969 heritage, we make clothes that take a stand. It is our mission to provide the consumer with apparel not making any compromises when it comes to style, comfort or quality. The style of Knowledge is about attitude. We are an outdoor inspired sportswear brand featuring a complete range of timeless, long-lasting utility products made for a wide range of activities. We believe in a multi-functional approach to fashion, offering a total look where casual is injected with everything from denim to fusion concepts and outdoor clothing for adventures in harmony with nature’s elements. At KnowledgeCotton Apparel, we provide the authentic alternatives. Clothes to follow the user through all happenings of life. Always rest assured that a piece carrying our trademark, the owl, meets the highest requirements in quality and third party certifications. True to our spirit of tomorrow.