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Ground Floor
Laundry lab creates conscious wardrobe staples by providing shapes & colors that last for years while not being bounded by trends. When designing our collection, we remain very aware of the feminine body in every aspect. Therefore, our collection is made for a wide range of women seeking comfortable, yet elegant styles that are easy to combine on a day to day basis. The idea is pretty simple: empowering women to seek comfort in their body & style by bringing high quality designs at a fair & accessible price. OUR VALUES: EUROPEAN Local craftsmanship is one of our main standards as we work with small European ateliers. Our fabrics & yarns come from EU countries only to ensure high quality standards and a more conscious approach of our production line. SUSTAINABLE APPROACH By producing locally we are actively reducing our ecological footprint. Our main goals is longevity. For that reason, we use quality fabrics, draw timeless cuts and inspect each garment to guarantee a long lifespan of our product. TIMELESS We mostly use natural and breathable fibers to ensure a comfortable yet luxurious feel when wearing our garments. FOREVER GROWING We value a long term partnership with our suppliers ,and co-workers by creating a serene work environment with room for creativity and personal growth.