First Floor
CIFF Village 1st floor

LLOYD Men's Belts have prided themselves on exclusive men's belts for over 100 years. Belts are not only practical. Useful. Functional. They are part of a man's most basic equipment. They are perhaps his most important accessory. A belt shows who or what a man is. A sophisticated man helps himself to LLOYD Men's Belts collections, because he puts the highest value on the very best materials, and on an individual, creative design. LLOYD Men's Belts are unique. This exclusiveness doesn't just have to be seen. It also has to be handled. You can experience it. Sense it. Feel it. Even the material has to satisfy strict selection criteria. Only through the processing can a small work of art be made from raw materials – carving out the pure materials exactly that which represents their class and uniqueness. In LLOYD Men's Belts, this still mainly happens in the handiwork. Therefore the high-quality workmanship. The wealth of detail. And the beauty of the final product.