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First Floor
Looks by Luks is a unique headgear and clothing brand for kids and their mums. Beautiful, hand-made turbans, bands and yukata kimonos in an array of colors are hand-sewn in Poland using organic and ethically sourced fabrics. Whether you are a mum of a new-born baby girl or a rebellious teenager, you will find something extraordinary at Looks by Luks. The brand offers a wide selection of sizes of the products from infants to adults, which allows creating matchy-matchy sets for mums and daughters. And who doesn’t love them, right? :) Looks by Luks is a brand with mission. Their headgear and clothes are designed for women that know their worth and follow their intuition. The ones who want to stand out, play with fashion and love diversity. And wish the same for their daughters – teaching them to believe in themselves and feel confident in their own bodies. By purchasing our products, you help us to support various organizations that focus on women's, girls' and the planet's wellbeing. For enquiries please contact: