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Discover LYKKELAND atelier: Where Contemporary Functional Design Meets Timeless Aesthetic in Shapewear LYKKELAND atelier, a visionary Danish brand based in Copenhagen, is proud to unveil its latest collection of shapewear, redefining contemporary functional design with a timeless aesthetic. Established in 2022, LYKKELAND Atelier—meaning "The State of Happiness"—celebrates the beauty, strength, and diversity of the human body with meticulously crafted pieces that feel like a second skin. Our shapewear embodies a philosophy of quiet luxury, sculpting bodies of all shapes and sizes while honoring each individual's natural form. With designs that seamlessly blend function and fashion, our pieces are an extension of your own skin and body, offering unparalleled comfort and support. Innovative Craftsmanship and Italian yarn technology: At the core of LYKKELAND atelier's collection is the advanced technology of our yarns, sourced from Italy and knitted on state-of-the-art seamless machines. This process not only ensures less waste of materials, but also enhances the fit by hugging your body and ensures a smooth, seamless finish that moves with you. Each piece is thoughtfully designed in Copenhagen, combining the best of Scandinavian minimalism with Italian yarn engineering. A Palette Inspired by Diversity: Our color card draws inspiration from the rich diversity of skin tones, ensuring that our products complement a wide range of complexions. These versatile hues allow for effortless layering, enabling our shapewear to integrate seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe in timeless tones. Perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to important occasions, and sophisticated evenings. Celebrating the Body in All Its Forms: LYKKELAND ateliér is dedicated to celebrating the human body and all it does for us. Our collection is designed to empower and inspire, offering styles that combine to create a personalized look and desire. The concept of layering—much like the layers of our skin—underpins our design philosophy, providing versatile options that enhance the natural silhouette without compromising on comfort. About LYKKELAND ateliér: LYKKELAND ateliér, established in 2022 by Danish designer and entrepreneur Heidie Lykke, combines over 20 years of expertise in the textile industry. For more information about LYKKELAND Atelier and to explore our collection, please visit or contact