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Ground Floor
At LYKKELAND Ateliér, the only beauty ideal we care about is self-confidence — and fortunately, confidence comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages."We all know by now that real beauty appears when we feel relaxed in ourselves and in our clothes, so that our unique personality and self-confidence can shine through." — LYKKELAND Founder and Chief Designer, Heidie LykkePLAY-SLEEP-LOVEThe LYKKELAND collection is clothing all women can feel beautiful and cozy in when it’s time to relax. From our comfortable loungewear, sleepwear and shapewear.We love the craftsmanship that goes into creating a perfect fit for all body types. Every detail is thoughtfully taken care of . Our timeless aesthetic and functional approach to design appeals to all ages. LYKKELAND ateliér is Danish design with a global mindset, the epitome of self-indulgence.We love to use natural and sustainable materials — not only because they feel best to wear, but also because they last longer and are better for the environment. Among other materials, we use organic cotton, LENZING Tencel, Lyocell, bamboo and recycled polyester, in timeless colors that last season after season. Production takes place mainly in Europe. We are constantly focused on finding better and more environmentally friendly ways of doing things,.Diversity — Our Inspiration and Driving Force At LYKKELAND Ateliér, diversity is the lens through which we view the world. Our brand was born online, so our mindset has been global and inclusive from the start — and EVERYONE is invited.“Diversity is what gives life its dynamism. Our uniqueness inspires those around us; diversity is a driving force.” - LYKKELAND Founder & Chief Designer, Heidie LykkeWelcome to LYKKELAND.