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Maria Black was founded in 2010 with the belief that personal style and fashion are not for us to dictate, but for you to explore. For us, jewellery is a medium of self-expression no matter who or what you are, and our jewellery is created to inspire and facilitate your personal journey however you identify. We aim to revolutionize the way people consider and wear jewellery, entering new and uncharted style territories. And we are passionate about bringing you the pieces that let your creativity run free. At Maria Black we take responsibility for everything we make and how we make it; from mining to finished jewellery. We deliver a high-quality playground in quality, design and consciously sourced materials. We solely work with recycled sterling silver, 14K IMPACT gold and lab-grown diamonds. Our IMPACT gold is an industry unique alloy consisting of 70% recycled gold and 30% Fairtrade gold.