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Ground Floor
Mazi Untitled makes bags, always easy to use in your daily life. The word "mazi" means "together" in Greek. It reflects the concept of creating products that can be enjoyed by everyone. In the art world, "untitled" signifies the absence of a title and allows viewers to interpret and embrace the artwork based on their own feelings. Similarly, our products signifies the ability for anyone to use it comfortably in their own style and manner. It is designed with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, allowing it to complement any outfit, regardless of gender or age. However, it also incorporates user-oriented details to enhance convenience. The fabric used in the bags is made of nylon fabric developed and woven directly by Mazi Untitled. It is a waterproof fabric, and its crunchy texture is attractive. The longer you use it, the more attractive it becomes as it is naturally tamed.