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Ground Floor
MEIMEIJ’s brand essence is encapsulated in a contemporary feminine aesthetic expressed in architectural volumes and sculpted silhouettes, softened by romantic details and refined workmanship. The MEIMEIJ woman is feminine, contemporary and urban in nature. A vision of femininity inspired by a sartorial heritage that has been handed down for generations. Meimeij dresses the woman in her multifaceted and multifaceted intrinsic nature. The heritage of the designer, who grew up watching her mother work with dedication in a tailor’s laboratory, shows itself present and constant in the MeiMeij collection studio. The construction of the garment is at the heart of the creation and development of the product; an attitude and a discipline that is traceable in the couture world. Volumes and silhouettes play a leading role in MeiMeij’s world. The visual memory recalls an urban imagery of elegant architecture, minimal materials and delicate constructions. The inspirational muse shaping the soul of the brand is woman herself. The protagonist is a refined femininity, in its complexity and contradiction. MeiMeij garment is a combination of delicacy and structure, minimal and maximal; which manifests itself in the balance sought in the choice of materials, workmanship, texture and colour.