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Ground Floor
Mignonne Gavigan launched in 2014. It was a bit spontaneous. Mignonne, "Maggie", was experimenting with a beaded couture vintage gown and an embellished piece of fabric fell to the floor. She picked it up and fastened it around her neck because she thought it was a cool scarf vibe. On her walk home through Soho a handful of compliments and questions on where she had gotten her necklace came about and the first Mignonne Gavigan design idea was born. She always knew she wanted to create a brand, a community and a workplace that were all built on kindness and happiness. Maggie launched Mignonne Gavigan jewelry in hopes that each piece would bring joy and happiness to the wearer. Ultimately what she’s discovered is that women develop a significant amount of confidence when wearing an MG piece. That is so important to the MG team- that we are building a community of confident and joy-filled women. At Mignonne Gavigan, accessories are the perfect finishing touch. We believe jewelry improves our overall mood. We love the carefree experience of layering and truly believe more is more. We also love the moment of wearing one treasure that lifts your spirit & brings joy. Wear, love, and elevate your everyday!