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Ground Floor
In 2007 we had a revelation: In every man is a boy... a bad boy... Creative minds, crammed with ideas, wanted to create a brand that is fun and different, who challenge your mind, that converge and fuse into YOUR lifestyle, and make you think about YOUR identity. In 2007 MUCHACHOMALO* was born! The founder, Shirley Schoonebeek, had several downtown stores and one at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. After being in this business for so long, she realized that there was no brand that had a striking image. She decided to create her own distinctive brand. She didn't wanted to follow trends and fashion designers; she wanted to create a collection with real artists that would design print with a story so there would be more to talk about than just quality and fitting when it comes to boxershorts. Every year MUCHACHOMALO introduces a theme that tells a story. This story is artistically translated into a piece of wearable art. Each collection has a message. It gives people something to think or talk about. Once the theme has been selected, the design team starts with an innovative collection. Each print is going through a rigorous selection process before being added to the collection. The MUCHACHOMALO prints are all hand drawn by in-house artists. MUCHACHOMALO makes art wearable for everyone.