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Premium & Classic Apparel
In July 2021, MY ESSENTIAL WARDROBE was launched with the main goal to help women build an essential wardrobe that never goes out of style consisting of pieces they want to wear again and again, season after season. With 40 ESSENTIAL never-out-of-stock styles as the cornerstone of the brand, we believe that all women never should have the feeling of an empty closet. Us to, this is the 40 styles every woman needs in her closet to never experience a what-to-wear crisis again. We strive to enable women to feel both beautiful and confident in the clothes, they are wearing. Therefore, we focus on designing clothes that are feminine, effortless and perfectly fitted all the different silhouettes of the female body – always made with a loving thought to our world.As the extra touch of fashion, we need every season, we launch a WARDROBE-collection four times a year which is intended to be mixed and matched with both previous collections and our 40 ESSENTIAL styles. We believe this is how you build an essential wardrobe. All fabrics we work with are carefully selected in the beginning of the design process with a focus on both sustainability, durability and quality. We are constantly looking for opportunities to raise our product to a more sustainable alternative in close collaboration with our suppliers and at the same time we want to create the longest possible life for the product.