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Ground Floor
Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen is a young streetwear brand founded in 2019 and launched in 2020. Deeply rooted in sustainability, colors and eclectic materials - Nikolaj Storm brings streetwear to an intersection between formal wear and everyday essentials. ”I wanted to start the brand as all the clothes I wanted to buy when I was younger was either not made for men or not in my size, now Nikolaj Storm embraces all who wants to wear their bubbly personality on the outside” - Founder, Nikolaj Storm NIKOLAJ STORM: With a Master in Fashion from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and a strong CV from the danish fashion industry, working with well known brands as Saks Potts, 7 Days Active, Tusnelda Bloch Copenhagen and many more, Nikolaj Storm has already created a name for himself. He started his namesake brand in 2019 for the passion of style and clothing, and by bringing something new and untraditional danish to the table. Within the short lifetime of the brand is has already been honored for not only the style and workmanship, but also for the sustainability perspective being the 2nd winner of Zalando Sustainability Award in 2021. STYLE: Nikolaj Storm is very influenced by music and pop culture and at the same time bringing back the beauty of ancient cultures and stories. With the oversized signature silhouettes, the shapes always carry a nod to the 90’s beginning of the 00’s. The collections are made form an eternal perspective, meaning all collections should be able to mix and match across seasons and across time, bringing a more timeless perspective on the bold styles. The clothes is always filled with bright colors and prints made by Nikolaj Storm himself or by collaboration with upcoming artists. A Nikolaj Storm piece is always filled with signature details, so you easily recognise the eclectic style. SUSTAINABILITY: As a brand of the 2000’s is not an option to not do the best you can when it comes to the planet and the people. Since the beginning of Nikolaj Storm everything from production to office have been set-up in a sustainable way. We know we are not a sustainable brand, but we are fighting each day to get closer to the goal. Our main highlights is our production set-up, our upstormed collections and our longterm partnership with social start-ups as Selyn Textiles from Sri Lanka or Spindye from Sweden, to our collaborations with Agood from Sweden and our first circular collection developed with Zalando in 2023.