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Ground Floor
Nitia is a brand that, influenced by a lifestyle, realizes fashion that goes beyond the dress, is around us, in the earth and in the streets. A varied ecosystem, a circle in which to protect people and the planet, today and for the sake of future generations. From NITIA to NITIA LABTECH “BEING CONFINED TO HOME HAS OFFERED A NEW POINT OF VIEW TO WHO KNEW HOW TO APPRECIATE THE POSITIVITY OF SLOWING DOWN. WE IMAGINED WE WERE ON AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACESHIP, COMMITTED TO KEEP A HEALTHY BODY THROUGH PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, TO FEED US IN BOTH BODY AND MIND, TO EXPLORE A NEW SPACE, IN ORDER TO BETTER SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES OF A NEW PLANET. DISCOVERY AS A SEARCH FOR A SELF-DISCOVERY RELOCATED IN A HABITAT, WHICH, EVEN IF CONGENITAL, APPEARS NEW” PRODUCT SOSTENIBILITY FABRICS Eco – furs Eco – leather Natural fabrics or from regenerated raw materials PADDINGS Tested for harmful substances therefore ecologically safe for the living being ACCESSORIES Free from harmful substances Recycled plastics eco-furs eco-leather PACKAGING 100% recycled hangers and envelopes Paper hangtag for planting SOCIAL Gender equality welfare of workers sustainable development goal -Textile company from 3 generations - 2000 stores worldwide - Participation in 10 international trade fairs - Capillary network distribution in 4 continents - Digital tools to point-of-sale support - Social Media Marketing to support sales on the main platforms - Exclusive sale to distributors and retailers - More than one library of collections for a total of 3500 models in 90 years