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O My Bag is an Amsterdam-based bag and accessories brand that produces high-end products made to last. We are all about making a positive difference in the world, by connecting producers in small communities to the global market. We use business as a force for good. O My Bag is known for its timeless, sophisticated, and bold design. Our vegetable-tanned leather last a lifetime and only gets prettier over time. Our new collection always contains styles that go well with our current collection. This season our campaign is 'Wear What you Know'. With a focus on shape and texture, we bring you a diverse array of designs that instantly transport you into the lively heart of bustling market stalls. Join us this season in discovering our collection, celebrating craftsmanship and transparency and the choices we make through the bags we wear. Our product range goes from wallets to bags to lifestyle products in both eco-leather and vegan apple leather. We are currently sold in over 25 countries and got B-Corp certified in 2021.