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Ground Floor
We are a Dutch wholesale company that specialises in scarves, garments and accessories. We sell scarves in a variety of qualities, colours and styles. You will find our showroom at The Trademart in De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and we are also present at multiple fairs around Europe. We would love to see you there so we can show you our beautiful items! Are you already part of our customer system, then please take a look at our newest collection and let us know if we can help you with anything. If not just send us an email and we will make everything ready so that you will be able to sell our collections to your own customers. Our items are a great addition to every shop. Also make sure to get keep in touch with us via our social media such as Facebook and Instagram. And we would love to keep you updated via our newsletter. Just scroll down on our website and fill in your email address to be added to our mailinglist. Turn your shop now into an exiting place where your clients will be astonished when seeing all these wonderful articles…at affordable prices!