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Premium & Classic Apparel
Pont Neuf is easy-to-wear Danish-designed styles for women looking for distinctive clothes in sizes XS to 3XL (36-56). We aim to create individual items that look good on all sizes and shapes. We take all the advantages of plus-size design to create flattering and comfortable tunics, dresses, tops and blouses that give you a wonderful sense of freedom. A perfect combination of … - simple and stylish design - high quality and focus on natural, breathable fibres - expressive and powerful prints - great colours - 3D-structured fabrics ensures success with our unique Pont Neuf look. We also offer a wide selection of great classics through our extensive NOOS programme. All our styles can easily be transformed from day to evening wear, giving you a full palette of easy-to-wear fashion. All our styles have recognisable names for clarity and to ensure you get the right fit. And the styles you love most are repeated and redesigned for the following seasons, enabling you to buy your favourites over and over again. EASY TO WEAR – EASY TO LOVE Just like Pont Neuf – which is French for ‘new bridge’. We believe our strong concept of EASY-TO-WEAR fashion