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Ground Floor
SLOW, NATURAL PERFUMERY PORCELAIN is a Danish Perfume House founded in 2019 as a tribute to natural perfumery and the porcelain artistry. At PORCELAIN, our unwavering dedication is to the pursuit of purity. We wholeheartedly embrace the use of 100% natural ingredients in our perfumes, meticulously blended with passion in our Copenhagen-based Atelier. Guided by our commitment to excellence, we use only the finest quality raw materials, ensuring a truly exceptional olfactory experience. Each fragrance is refined and expertly crafted in small batches in Northen Italy. Our perfumes are designed for all genders, vegan and cruelty free and carefully shaped for modern sensibilities. The perfumes evolve beautifully on your skin, stimulates your senses and can be layered, crafting your very own scented ceremony. SLOW PERFUMERY ALL NATURAL & VEGAN FREE OF ALL ADDITIVES SMALL-BATCH PRODUCTION SHAPED FOR MODERN SENSIBILITES