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Ground Floor
RITVA FALLA COLLECTION AUTUMN - WINTER 2022-23 The collection is high quality, timeless, and easy to wear and care for, adding a touch of luxury to everyday life. High quality materials, exquisite details, and tailoring, that ensures a perfect fit, are the key elements of every collection. The collection is designed in Finland and made responsibly in the EU in Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal. The theme of the Autumn – Winter 2022-23 collection, designed by Mika Piiranen, is the rendez-vous of functionalism and warm, human touch in both the broad and small details. The designer is inspired by the interaction of city and nature. The wonderfully glowing cranberry red combines with snow white and deep blue to create a calming and wintery feel. The frosted winter pastels look soft, and contrast is brought by classic black and sand brown. The Cocoon-print designed by Mika Piirainen is found in padded coats, while the knits and jersey styles will feature stripes and prints. In addition to traditional merino wool knits, the collection includes light mohair and soft wool knits.