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Ground Floor
For Fall Winter 2023, Rolf Ekroth employs an unfiltered lens to explore the world around him. Instead of closing his eyes and falling into the comfort of nostalgia, Ekroth decides to take a step into the real world and recognise its chaos and cacophony. A newfound focus on survivalism and protecting oneself from a tumultuous reality run as the common threads through a collection anchored in garments designed to protect, comfort and transform their wearers. ROLF EKROTH is an independent Finnish fashion label that champions utilitarianism, nostalgia and the power of sustainably produced clothes. Built upon observations of youth and life in Finland, it harnesses the subtle nuances of its Finnish roots but applies freedom to reimagining history and old crafting traditions. Comfortably perched between superficiality and profundity, it is an homage to the transformation that well- designed clothes elicit: a newfound will to walk through the world without hiding.