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Ground Floor
We make handcrafted sustainable jewellery, prioritising amazing quality and transparency throughout the entire development. We work with 18K plated gold and plated Palladium as well as sustainably farmed freshwater Pearls. At Romantico Romantico, we hope to nurture dialogue and community through objects and stories. It has always been our priority to ensure sustainable and ethical practice every step of the way. Our brand takes a very hands-on approach when it comes to design and production, with nearly the entire collection being handmade in-house and the remainder of the collection being produced by our goldsmith in Italy. Complete traceability of our production line allows for greater control over the raw materials we use. Everything is also made-to-order, so we don’t sit on stock. In this mindset we re-use each part of the collection if not sold and design a new style around the materials giving them a new lease on life and reducing leftover waste. We believe the key to being sustainable is love and taking care of the things we own, whilst supporting local trade and prioritising environmental care.