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S.T. Valentin is not business as usual. At first glance, you might take our products for classic men’s wear. And they are. But they are also not. They are our rethought bold versions of classics that never go out of style. The centre of our universe is our own shoe collection: Re-designed classics to fit any wardrobe and style. From classic gentleman to edgy rock ’n roller. We aim to create products you will be wanting to wear forever. By adding contemporary thoughts and modern materials to timeless classics, we create footwear that will not wear you out. S.T. Valentin is not just your conventional fashion statement. We are free-thinking visionaries and aesthetic perfectionists with a love for style and comfort. Our approach to men’s wear is similar to that of the fine art professional: We curate a collection of essentials that are not dictated by trends and tendencies. They are stylish and perfect in their own right. S.T. Valentin was founded in 2008 on vision, creative urge and pure passion. But community has been the most important driving force from day one. Everything is done in close dialogue with our loyal but brutally honest posse. Boots have been put to the test and hard truths have been spilled. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We welcome uncompromising gentlemen, laid back flâneurs and everyone in between.