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Ground Floor
Salsa jeans was born in 1994 in the north of Portugal, where the textile industry is considered an art. The brand has its own atelier and laundry, where all its jeans are developed and designed keeping in mind everyone’s individuality, especially women, from whom the brand takes inspiration to challenge the limits of what was already done. There's a pair of Salsa jeans for every body type, for every personality and for every moment in life; there’s a pair of Salsa jeans to overcome uncertainty and take on the day with confidence. The denim is hand crafted by experts who know it intimately, completely responsible for the entire production process, from the initial design to any environmental impact the product may have throughout its life cycle. At Salsa Jeans we breathe, live, love what we do and our reason for doing it: to make sure that the jeans carefully created by our teams become a symbol of someone’s empowerment.