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Ground Floor
In one way or another we already know each other. Whether itʼs a long-time relationshipor taking the first steps. But to know our legacy we got to rewind, to go back in time. Our history starts in 1933 not in a shoe factory... but in an hat factory. From there to sneakers was a small step, and after some experiences, the first Portuguese sneakers arise, and soon would be in the entire countryʼs feet. In the following decades, and without other labelsʼ competition,Sanjo became a national phenomenon. In the 80ʼs they jump from sports hall to the streets. And while the world surrenders to the international labels,Portugal proudly uses their K100 e K200. But things were about to change. With the end of dictatorship, in 74, and joining the EEC in the 80ʼs, the barriers that kept the country away from the rest of the world dissolved. The international labels started to gain ground at the same time Sanjo were loosing popularity. In 1996, the factory declared bankruptcy. From many years, Sanjo were off the feet, but not out of many generationsʼ imaginary. Now they are back with 100% Portuguese output. They keep the design that made them so popular, but with a new creative approach. New materials, colors and textures were used and new collaborations were made with Portuguese designers and artists. The soleʼs rubber is not vulcanised anymore, but glued and made from recycled materials. The chemicals were set aside and the manufacturing process optimized, reducing water and energy consumption. Sanjo grew up the same way as those who accompanied us did. We came back as the same, but slightly different. Ready for 90 more years of history.