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Ground Floor
At Satorisan, we create products that last. Designing and crafting shoes that are comfortable with a fit and finish that only get better with age. Our attention to detail creates singularity while our planet-friendly process means we take care. Helping everyone to walk consciously and live from the heart. We encourage you to follow the path of life and celebrate its twists and turns. Whatever journey you’re on, we’ll be right there with you. Our name Satorisan is inspired by the mythical creature from ancient Japan, known as the Satori (悟り). Legend says the apelike Satori meets people on their journey through life, helping them discover their inner spirit and find their true self. With the Taoist philosophy and the Mediterranean lifestyle at the front of our minds, we create products with authenticity — so everyone can live simply, slowly and in harmony with nature. We are committed to having a positive impact by finding new processes and sourcing materials to help reduce our footprint, as well as, supporting social and environmental causes in line with our values — ones that are full of empathy, soul and positive spirit.