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Ground Floor

SIGOTTO 2022 F/W WOMAN’S & MEN’S SHOES COLLECTIONS: When we were preparing SIGOTTO Woman’s and Men’s shoes collections Our motto was (BE REAL). Every one of us, knows fashion and trends always changes, besides that what we wear depends on seasons, who we inspired or effected on us or what we celebrate. There are a lot of different impact on us when we wear our shoes or out fits. This too much. However, there are some essentials shoes which a woman or a men supposed to have in their modern life. Such as white sneaker, Suede Chelsea boot , casual shoes, running sneaker and of course leather boots. The rest are particular things.These types of shoes were our REAL starting points for SIGOTTO collections. In addition, we did not ignore, what are the trends, styles, items, leathers, colours, accessories and also how the consumers and fashion industry are changing their behaviours, becoming more eco-friendlier than before and sustainable.The reason why we focus on to BE REAL and to use natural materials which is proper woman’s and men’s modern world. SIGOTTO collection especially fall and winter time are very rich. You may find something for your own store, among the SIGOTTO collections.