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Ground Floor
We were a start-up specialized in applied research in the world of textiles and after 5 years we have become a 1st level manufacturing SME, able to produce entirely the raw materials, we grow hemp and nettle fibers, we do the thread, we weave and dye it until the finished garment is made. We are currently the only existing autonomous and circular reality for the entire production chain. Our project is based on 3 elements: A) The healthiness of the garments. B) The re-discovery of Italian excellence lost in the run-up to cost cutting. C) A chain entirely produced in Italy in a “From the field to the head” concept. We offer 2 brands that represent the 2 souls of the same project: 1) HEMPOWER, in the first place we place the hemp yarn woven with different methodologies and it is a clothing suitable for those who like to dress in an essential way, true casual, reference market large shop, coffee-shop and pro cannabis associations. 2) SIMPLE GOODS, wants to be a family brand, in the first place supports the green world and wants to live green, those who choose it believe in our concept, reference market a dedicated corner in a medium / high profile store. THE REAL LUXURY LIES IN THE ABILITY OF THE CONSUMER TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES INTO A BUYER, THUS ABLE TO DISCERN, CHOOSE, UNDERSTAND AND PERCEIVE WHAT THEY CONSCIOUSLY BUY.