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SITA MURT is a premium knitwear clothing brand for women based in Barcelona. The company was founded in 1924, almost 100 years of history. We have a huge expertise in knitting techniques, materials mastery, yarn quality knowledge and design of womenswear. We have evolved and growth since its creation, thanks to a great team, with constant research and development of new techniques and styles, adapting to the trends but always maintaining our essence. What brings us to have 8 stores in Spain and in be present in more than 15 countries around the world with our multibrand clients. We create knitted fabrics starting from a yarn. We design the garment through the "moulage" and according to the pattern we create the fabric. Our concept goes further, the versality of knit, this is what we call: THE KNITVERSALITY. That is where our savoir faire is based and the result of this are special and unique knitwear. We use mainly noble materials as merino, mohair, alpaca, cotton, viscose, silk linen, cupro.... and as we are concerned by the environment we produce the majority of our collection in Spain, Italy and Portugal. We launch two collections a year, complemented by various capsule collections of on-trend garments.