Ground Floor
Contemporary Womenswear & Menswear
Six Ámes was founded in 2014 with the mission to deliver comfortable - yet chic - clothes for all types of women, making them feel empowered every day. With a distinct design expression of luxurious everyday apparel, the Six Ámes aesthetic is elegant with clean lines and feminine shapes brought to life in luxurious, high-quality fabrics, at affordable prices. Our brand name, Six Ámes, meaning ‘six souls’ in French, embodies both our design philosophy and our distinctive blend of French elegance and femininity with Danish minimalism and craftsmanship. At Six Ámes, we strive to create clothing that empowers women, making them feel confident and at ease in their own skin. We celebrate diversity and individuality, recognizing that clothing is not just a means of covering our bodies but a medium for expressing our personalities and sharing our souls with the world.