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Ground Floor

Slipstop creates such products that make daily life easier and add functionality and practicality to daily needs by making the best use of its designing power. Produced with a focus on comfort, ease of use and diversity of usages, Slipstop takes utmost care about human health and environment, which has been globally ensured by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification that Slipstop products do not contain hazardous substances for human health.

With its unique skill to develop new products, Slipstop's collection of colorful and vivid patterns expands every year particularly in non-slip pool and beach footwear. Today, including licensed items, our collection consists of a wide range of products composed of non-slip shoes, swimwear, ponchos, towels, hats and bags. Having adopted a sustainable and innovative approach, Slipstop products are manufactured with a fully patented non-slip technology. The yarn and fabrics used are resistant to the rapid wear and tear effect that can be caused by exposure to seawater and chlorinated water.