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The DNA behind SMUK skincare is to create a pure, natural and organic skincare line taking the environment, sustainability and the next generations into consideration. SMUK skincare was founded by skin therapist Heidi Maltby in 2015. The products are packed with powerful vitamins (antioxidants), hyaluronic acid and active organic ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected in collaboration with some of Denmark’s most talented specialists in active organic skincare. When using SMUK skincare, you should feel pampered by the high quality ingredients and float away by delicious scents. The products are developed and produced in Denmark and thoroughly tested in Heidi's skincare clinic where she work with them every day as a skin therapist. They are tested for the desired effect, scent, texture and the clients’ feeling and perception of the products. Most of the products have been filled into Miron glass jars, which allows the violet sunlight to penetrate the glass in order to prolong the freshness of the vitamins.