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Out of sheer enthusiasm for creating functional products, Japanese outdoor specialist Yukio Yamai in 1958 founded one of the world's most authentic, functional and stylish outdoor brands under the name Snow Peak. Today - more than 60 years later - Snow Peak is still an independent family-owned company with design and functionality in focus. What characterizes Snow Peakis the minimalist design fused with advanced technology that perfectly spans the gap between performance and lifestyle. And it is this fusion that makes Snow Peak one of the most exciting and timeless constellations in outdoor and in fashion right now.

the next generation of the Yamai legacy is being brought forward by Yukio's granddaughter, Lisa Yamai, who in 2014 launched Snow Peak Apparel. With great acclaim from the fashion and outdoor industries.

“Fostering a close-knit community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and fans all over the world. Today, with the rapid evolution of technology accelerating the convenience of our daily lives, it has also led us to sacrifice precious human to human interaction. By simply experiencing the lifestyle of Snow Peakthrough our products and services, it's our intention that you can reconnect with the natural world, and the rest of mankind” Tohru Yamai,Chairman of Snow Peak and son of Founder Yukio Yamai,

In addition to presenting a full range of camping products, snow peak will also feature men and women's outdoor apparel and their hardware products distinctive for their minimalist design and state-of-the-art technology.