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Soeren Le Schmidt is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand, most commonly associated with red carpet designs for celebrities in Denmark and abroad, featuring his skillful and exquisite tailoring. Each collection is not only based on old school tailoring, but combined with references to sub cultures and an edgy touch, paying tribute to diversity in highlighting culture and gender fluidity. Soeren Le Schmidt is inspired by architecture; accordingly, his styles are always very graphic and minimalistic, timeless looks working in a wardrobe for years to come. Having sustainability as his core focus area, Soeren Le Schmidt continuously strives towards using 100% sustainable fabrics, alongside acquiring residual and leftover fabrics, besides endeavoring to remodel previous designs. By additionally using on-demand manufacturing, there is no fabric waste and no warehousing, while allowing for more customized designs. The name Soeren Le Schmidt is associated with a multitude of projects and collabs as well, designing capsule collections with Ecooking, Sofacompany and Pilgrim among others.