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Soft Rebels was founded in Denmark by a dedicated group of creative people, dreaming the same dream of building a clothing brand. A brand that embraces the renowned philosophy of yin and yang. Contrary forces are outlined as complementary and give rise to each other as they correlate, creating a perfect whole. The philosophy’s duality was translated into the name “Soft Rebels” - a merger of femininity and attitude, being the core and signature of the brand. Our brand is a tribute as well as a realization to all women daring to stand out from the crowd, showing every contradictory side of their personality and style. We are globally connected, but underlined by our strong Scandinavian values as we continuously strive to improve the environmental footprint in every aspect of our journey. ECOsistible® is our registered name and combines two of the Soft Rebels cornerstones. ECO-friendly and irrisistable.Recognize our sustainable styles by the extra hangtag marked ECOsistible, that is your guarantee for a product that is made from sustainable materials which contains fewer chemicals and has been produced with a minimal environmental impact.