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Ground Floor
Soho-T is a 100% born-in-Italy brand whose goal is to share a unique and contemporary vision of style in which fashion enlivens everyday life and every day is a canvas to be colored with everyone's own outfits. Conceived by Claudia and Rowena in the province of Venice, Soho-T combines an eclectic and colorful aesthetic with the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Jumpsuits, skirts, jackets, shirts and T-shirts filled with bold colors and eye-catching patterns, as well as simple, straightforward designs, make up a complete wardrobe – total look that transcends current trends and the common perception that only a "classic" garment is an investment. Innovative and size-inclusive, the garments in Soho-T’s collections are made of exclusively Italian fabrics at the best factories in the Veneto region, in accordance with the principles of wise local craftsmanship and with an ethical and sustainable approach that aims to minimize environmental impact by preferring very short supply chain production. «"Comfort is the new luxury" is the mantra that has always guided us. Our customer is a busy woman who wants to feel comfortable in life without sacrificing style, our garments want to break out of the mold of practical fashion to leave a mark of creativity and uniqueness that distinguishes and characterizes them in an immediately recognizable way», Claudia Zanon, Co-Founderand Creative Director of Soho-T.