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INSPIRED BY OLFACTORY MEMORIES FROM SCANDINAVIAN AND CONTINENTAL HERITAGE, WE CREATE INTIMATE UNISEX PERFUME. From aesthetics to sensory experiences Son Venïn is an Oslo-based independent perfume producer. The founder of Son Venïn, Dag Laska has a background in identity design and has a true passion for perfume and sensory experiences. ̈Memories in scent, Nordic heritage and the inherited democratic mindset of Scandinavians trigger and inspire me ̈ Son Venïn embeds Nordic culture, into high- level niche products, aimed at the international market. Nordic heritage & continental approach Our roots are based on Scandinavian thinking and culture. Ranging from pure and simple to rich and complex, the fragrances reflect the brand’s Nordic roots, with a clean ethos evidenced in perfume and brand. Our inspiration comes from all over the world, based on memory, places, visual connotation with the approach to make relevant scents in a contemporary matter inspired from the democratic mindset of Scandinavians. Advanced & unique formulas for perfume lovers Our perfumes range from the pure expressions, including 30 something components to the more complex, including 70 something components. We treat our perfume like a baby. They are all different and will have different lives, but they will always be part of the family. This gives a range for perfume lovers to love. If you love our Nordic approach, you will love all our babies. Son Venin is distributed in Denmark by Brands of Beauty