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One shoe, lots of white space and plenty of room for imagination - a strong product focus is the DNA of the Tamaris brand, which has a clear design and consistent visual language. For over half a century, we have been passionate about shoes that make the moment perfect - for everyone! From the red carpet to a woodland trail, for every day and special days: Modern and style-conscious women will find an exceptional range of models with special features in all our collections. Our understanding of our customers' needs means we are always one step ahead when it comes to optimisation and innovation processes. A superb fit, the utmost comfort and reliable quality are the top priority at Tamaris. Our customers have a thousand dreams and at least one pair of Tamaris shoes in their closet. That’s why, in recent seasons, our collections have become increasingly diversified and our campaigns focused on emotions in a completely new way. The collection lines Tamaris Fashletics, Tamaris Heart & Sole, Tamaris PureRelax, Tamaris GreenStep and the new Premium collection NEWD.Tamaris ensure that every woman - whether sustainable or quality-conscious, whether sporty, fashionable or comfort-driven - finds the right shoes for her own special lifestyle. With a brand awareness of more than 90 percent, our extensive brand campaign has paved the way for a new step forward: for the first time, we as a brand are allowing a glimpse be-hind the white screen and placing real women and their unique stories at the forefront of a new and emotional advertising campaign. We are moving away from one-off advertisements towards a continuous interaction with the target group. That's because we believe that eve-ry woman is unique in her own way - regardless of her age, skin colour, limitations and experiences. Diversity and authenticity are the drivers of our campaign, while the right shoes underline the personality of each individual. After all, no two paths are alike: Every step, every story, every woman and every shoe is different and unique.