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Ground Floor
Tapis Noir’s silk scarves and flowing garments form a collage of reworked historic textiles and original new prints. Made from hand-stitched silk twill and crepe de chine of the highest quality, patterns from across continents and centuries are boldly reinterpreted with a modern approach to colour and references. Motifs come alive on the fluid fabrics, scaled up on airy, oversize caftans and tunics to elevate the relaxed silhouettes to a thing of exquisite beauty. Founded in Denmark in 2020 by Mads Lehn Kruse, Tapis Noir brings together Lehn Kruse’s understanding and experience as an art director with his personal interest in interiors and antique textiles. A collector of rare fabric documents, he rearticulates their faded splendour for today, digitally translating woven textures, rich tapestries and old wall panel techniques into beautiful silk alongside his own warp prints. Tapis Noir values small-scale production of classic pieces that live outside of the seasonal fashion system. Working with craftsmen manufacturers that specialise in artisanal pieces, Tapis Noir in many ways reflects Mads Lehn Kruse’s admiration for the Arts and Crafts movement: a return to well-made, useful and decorative objects by skilled makers.