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Ground Floor

At The QT, we are on a mission to spread cuteness sustainably while helping parents raise their kids on values of equality. The QT is bridging a fundamental gap in the industry where everything "cute" is designed for girls and for babies, leaving parents without options for their cute-loving boys after toddlerhood. The QT brings to you "cute" clothing that is perfect for all kids, no matter their gender or age, thus helping parents raise their kids free from unfair and limiting gender stereotypes. But the most important thing for founder, designer and parent Petya is to bring to you clothing that is as harmless as possible and loaded with positive vibes, so that you can feel confident that what you have purchased has not harmed and will not harm anyone in any way. The QT offers sustainable, plastic-free, stereotype-free and stylish everyday pieces that are luxuriously soft and feature extraordinary prints of cute animals. The QT is 100% GOTS certified organic, gender-free and designed for circularity, to be as close as possible to all-natural, fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The current product range is for 2 to 10 year olds and the retail prices are from €20 to €75.