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THE SUNDAY MORNING STORY is a Scandinavian brand with Polish roots, founded in 2021 in Estonia out of a love for fashion and many years of inspiration with tailoring craftsmanship combined with traditional sewing techniques, natural fabric printing, and embroidery.

The brand's main goal is to create, in small quantities, the most locally high-quality products, timeless, with full respect for people and nature, which will reflect a contemporary, positive form with intertwined traditional accents.

“We want to convey inspiration and positive emotions in our products. Therefore, when designing clothes, we do not only think about what a given thing should look like. There is more to it. The product is to be not only nice and practical but also timeless. It is supposed to arouse emotions. Delight and give you a sense of comfort. "

As a ready-to-wear brand, THE SUNDAY MORNING STORY creates small, capsule collections also based on the Made-to-Order concept.

We are a conscious brand that is well aware of the impact of clothing production on the ecosystem.Therefore,the garments are made-to-order or pre-order concepts to avoid overproduction.

The brand uses only certified fabrics of natural origin.

“We create collections for every woman who is full of passion, draws positive vibes from life, has a head full of dreams, and is constantly looking for new challenges. It squeezes out life like a lemon. ''

THE SUNDAY MORNING STORY constantly draws inspiration from free life on the beach, from the surroundings, sunny journeys to interesting places, and music - especially from the 70s and 80s.