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Ground Floor
The Vintage Bar is a community driven marketplace based on connecting buyers with private sellers as well as the best secondhand boutiques and re-sellers both locally and internationally, making it possible for you to shop the best pre-owned items from all over the world – right from the comfort of your own home. We believe that secondhand fashion can be just as exciting as buying new items – and luckily our community believes this as well. Our community consists of more than 200.000 cool girls who want to both buy and sell secondhand premium and luxury pieces. We’ve succeeded in creating a space where sellers and buyers can partake in fashion in a more circular and sustainable way. Besides being a marketplace driven by selling and buying, we also aim to inspire our ever growing community. Visual inspiration and inclusion are two of our core values, which is why we embrace the content created by our passionate community as well as create our own exciting content for our platform, our Instagram and The Archive.