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Ground Floor
We are a danish lifestyle brand specialising in feminine womenswear in pretty colourways, unique artful prints and timeless designs. Our collections are mainly produced in Europe, with quality, design and sustainability at the heart of the range. We only use the very best quality natural, eco-friendly or handmade fabrics for creating quality products for affordable price points. Our SS24 collection, Nostalgia Mood, is inspired by the beautiful color combinations of the endless Scandinavians beaches and floral gardens which comes to life in the feminine prints. Experience the great variety of cool styles. There is plenty of options if in the mood for a tone on tone look which can also turn into a more festively look if adding one of the stronger colors the collection offers. The colors representing the collection are GreySalt, FadedDenim, Oceana, SandShell, Jadeite and Olive combined with a LipStick red dot color and a warm RoseGlory. The combination of tone on tone and delicate details as cool sport socks with stripes and hole knit create the attitude of nostalgia looks. There are stripes for everyone; Block stripes, multi stripes and more delicate stripes. Choose whatever matches the mood of the day. As always, the collection offers more casual and classic linen styles for all occasions. Whether it is a walk in the park or a day at the office where you want to dress up but still be able to feel comfortable. We hold stock during the entire year.